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This is the symbol for the Emergency Center and Housing. In the event of an emergency, the Town will establish centers to provide for the residents. These centers will be the place where citizens can obtain information, clothing, food and personal services. These services will be identified by the following symbols:


Registration and Information. Residents will be asked to register when arriving at the center and to sign out when they find other housing. The registration is to provide for follow up in the event that family members from out of town are searching for their relatives.

Emergency Clothing. It may happen that an evacuation is called for and that residents leave home without clothing to protect themselves from the environment. They may need clothes to maintain their dignity. Clothing will be available to provide for these situations. This symbol will be posted in an area of the Emergency Housing Shelter.

Personal Services. It may happen that residents have left home without their medical prescriptions, without their glasses, or could be  suffering from the stress of the evacuation. They may need a doctor or a dentist. The people stationed at this symbol will be available to help in this type of situation.

Food Services. The volunteers situated in the Emergency Housing facility will do their best to provide for the residents that are stationed in the complex. They will also provide food for the volunteers that are working at the scene of the emergency.